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The Broletto (Municipal Hall)

The communal period, started in the twelfth century after the dissolution of the empire, is well represented by the Broletto, the ancient municipal hall built in 1198. Tracks of the most ancient building are visible on the southern side of the interior courtyard.
The Broletto was the historical seat of reunions, representatives and municipal administrations from twelfth to nineteenth century, to answer the growing needs of the municipal institution.
The northern part, on Piazza della Vittoria, was largely restored in the twentieth century. You can distinguish a thirteenth-century part and the Renaissance addition of the grand staircase and the double order of loggias.
Theatre of all the important events of the city until 1875, it’s now centre of cultural activities and exhibitions of contemporary art, seat of the Tourist Information Office and of the I.U.S.S.