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Mezzabarba Palace

Considered one of the most significant examples of the Lombard Baroque, it was built on the project of the architect Giovanni A. Veneroni starting from 1726. Three floors raise over the road surface. Two symmetrical big portals open on the façade. The interior of Mezzabarba Palace has an elliptic plant. The building is now seat of the municipal hall. The interior grand staircase brings to the former dance hall, now used as council hall. 
The Sala Consiglio (or dance hall) is rich in plasters and preserves a frescoed cycle with mythological scenes painted by Giovanni Angelo Borroni, in particular The Wisdom and the Virtue triumphing over the Vice. The building contains two interesting frescoes, works of art by Mengatti: they represent the Immaculate Conception and St Carlo Borromeo.
On the walls of the Sala Giunta (or Flemish room), there is a complete and continuous tempera painting with Flemish iconographies, big rustic scenes with folk festive people.